About the Author

Love of Writing

This is a debut novel for p.w. long. p.w. long is a pen name. She has written a young adult historical fiction book, and seven non-fiction books on topics ranging from self-help to education policy.   

Themes and Inspiration

"The primary purpose of this book is to give voice to the enslaved; the enslaved are usually subjects of books, while the women, in particular, Ruby and Pearl are actors whose thoughts and feelings about enslavement are revealed. The resistance of the enslaved, often hidden is exposed in this book. The central theme of the book is the gynecological resistance of enslaved women. I was inspired to write this book after reading a thesis which addressed the issue. I want readers to understand the power held by the presumed powerless, especially the power that women, even the most oppressed can hold, when they unite in pursuit of a common purpose." - pw long