WombPower© Seminars & Retreats

WombPower© Seminars & Retreats are led by author, p.w. long.

Take a group journey to discover the power of your womb and reconnect with your Feminine. 

The Blood Mysteries: the experiences of menarche, pregnancy, and menopause offer us the opportunity to tap powers that only we as women possess. 

  • Menarche initiates a woman into the path of vitality, healing, and visioning abilities. 
  • Pregnancy and birth provides the ability to bring forth life while experiencing spiritual, ecstatic, and lovingly awakened new senses. 
  • Menopause activates a woman’s brain, and readies her to step into her divine purpose of feminine leadership. 

You will learn about: 

· The transformative power of each cycle of a woman’s life. 

· Self-care womb and breast massage techniques for optimal womb and   breast health. 

· Sacred feminine dance and movement. 

· Healing foods and herbs to nourish your body. 

· Tapping and activating sacred feminine sexual expression. 

Join us as we tap into our full womb energy and power to create the life that we desire.

For more information on WombPower© Seminars & Retreats, please contact us at seminars@wombpower.org